Which green features do homes with high EPC ratings have?

  • 10 months ago

When you’re looking for a home, you’ll find that properties are given an EPC rating. The Energy Performance Certificate is a review of a property’s energy efficiency and the rating system is designed to be easily understood by potential homebuyers, which is why a colour coded, grading system is used.  

It’s useful to understand a bit about this before starting to look for homes. Just because a property is rated D or E for example, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve its rating by making changes like adding insulation or upgrading doors and windows. However, if you want to go green from the get-go, here are some property features likely to contribute to a high HPC rating.  

Insulation: Homes towards the top of the EPC chart tend to come with features including well-insulated walls and roofs. Pre-installed insulation is definitely something to look out for when viewing homes, as it can help to reduce energy bills. 

Low energy lighting: Homes given a higher EPC rating typically have low energy lighting such as LED bulbs, which use less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs. However, this is a simple fix any homebuyer can make to a new property at low cost. 

Smart home systems: there are numerous energy efficient smart technology systems including heating which can be controlled from your smart device. These help reduce heat wastage as for example, you can switch them on remotely whilst away from home to heat the house just before you return.

Solar panels: Some homes with good EPC ratings come with solar panels, which generate electricity from the sun and help to reduce energy bills. There are some legalities to be aware of if buying a home with solar panels already installed so be sure to check these first. 

Water-saving features: You might find these in the shape of low-flow showerheads or dual flush toilets, both of which can lower water consumption.

These are just some examples of the features you may come across when viewing homes with high EPC ratings. As you can see, these can bring many benefits to buyers from reducing bills and increasing heat retention and comfort. 

An expert from Zoouka said: “Having some background knowledge of EPC ratings will help you to gauge how energy efficient any home you are going to view is (and what it could become). You will receive more detailed information on the home’s energy credentials if you have your offer accepted and go through the survey process but it’s good to spend some time getting familiar with EPC as this can shape some of the questions to ask at viewings.” 

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